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Want to go to Warped Tour 2017?

The Vans Warped Tour travels around the country every summer. Rock and alternative music are at the forefront of this tour with big names and new artists attending each year. This year will be no different and there is much anticipation for the 2017 band lineup. Thousands of people attend Warped who enjoy being outside listening to their favorite bands from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. ( The day is long but the music and atmosphere are worth the blood,sweat, and tears.

The gates open. The music starts. The feedback from the speakers fill your ears. It is time for Warped to begin. People rush to the stages while newcomers try to find their way. To your right, a mosh pit forms and a singer screams into a microphone. This is how the day at Warped Tour begins.


There are many things to do for those 10 hours while at Warped. You can check out the tents for non-profit organizations, bands, or even meet one of your favorite members from a band you like. Last year at Warped 2016 I was lucky enough to meet the violinist, Sean Mackin, from Yellowcard. Warped tour is an opportunity to enjoy amazing bands and find new music. People come together from all over to experience this environment filled with energy and acceptance.

Warped Tour is something that everyone should experience at least once. It is amazing and eventful. The performers do things you would not imagine. They are all talented and dedicated to their fans. The music is phenomenal and the memories will last a life time.

The singer from Emarosa decided to hang upside down from the steel beams while singing.

The bands at Warped definitely engage the crowd. Some singers, such as Cody Carson from Set It Off, like to crowd surf.

Warped Tour 2017 will undoubtedly be as eventful as previous years. To find tour dates and how to be Warped ready, visit their website at  Every year that I have attended the tour I have been impressed with the lineup and talent. The bands, food, and people make the experience unforgettable. I look forward to walking around stage to stage, listening to the music and crowds sing along to their favorite songs.

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September Bearded Brother Tribute

This September we will acknowledge the life of Hans Steininger. Hans serves as a warning for bearded brothers with long beards. He was famously known for having the world’s longest beard in 1567. While this may seem like an accomplishment, the result was tragic. Hans may have had an impressive beard; however, he met his death when he accidentally tripped upon his beard and broke his neck.

Image result for Hans Steininger
Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Moral of the story: Don’t grow a beard over four feet long. If you do, you may wind up like Hans. Instead, make sure to keep your beard trimmed and styled. You can do this by using balms like those found on our products page! There you will find balms to enhance or tame your facial hair while nourishing your skin. Check out our links to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for fun tips, photos, and videos! Feel free to comment or share this post with upcoming ones in the future!

August Bearded Brother Tribute

This August we will acknowledge the life of Robin Williams. Robin Williams brought joy to the world through his comedy and films. He is known for movies such as Aladdin, Night at the Museum, Jumanji, The Dead Poets Society, and many more (

Throughout his career, he tried to make people laugh. Though he struggled to find his own laughter, he succeeded in filling the hearts of millions with happiness. His films were humorous and classically done, allowing people of all ages to enjoy them. To watch a tribute to his life and work, visit Robin Williams will forever be greatly missed and appreciated by those who remember him as an actor and a bearded brother.

If you’re a bearded brother, visit our products page. There you will find balms to enhance or tame your facial hair while nourishing your skin. Check out our links to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for fun tips, photos, and videos! Feel free to comment or share this post with upcoming ones in the future!

July Bearded Brother Tribute

This July we acknowledge the life of Ernest Hemingway. Though his life ended in tragedy, he made a mark upon the world with his famous writings. His influence from his texts such as In Our Time and The Sun Also Rises can be read today and explored by readers looking for an understanding of modern literature.

Hemingway’s novels consisted of themes of war, love, and violence. Here is an excerpt from an essay titled “Love and Failure.”

The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway, involves the unrequited romance of Jake Barnes and Brett Ashley. These characters, that claim to love each other, are prevented from being together due to physical problems and an inability to recognize potential happiness. Though they appear to love each other, Brett refuses to be with Jake and instead pursues multiple, unfulfilling relationships. Brett suggests at the end of the novel that they could have been good together. Jake replies, “Isn’t it pretty to think so?” (Hemingway 251). By the end of the novel their relationship is unresolved.

Jake Barnes, the protagonist, was wounded during the war, causing him to become impotent. This issue prevents him from being with Brett. He is clearly in love with her and tries to find some way for them to be together. He asks, “Couldn’t we live together Brett? Couldn’t we just live together?” (Hemingway 62). Jake, although Brett refuses to be with him, continues to selflessly help her and accept her relationships with other men. He supports her emotionally and when she needs help. Even though he cannot have her, he settles for being her friend. He says, “In the first place, you had to be in love with a woman to have a basis of friendship. I had been having Brett for a friend” (Hemingway 152). He loves her enough to accept what little she offers.

Brett Ashley is a promiscuous, modern woman. She dresses masculinely and is pursued by many men in the novel who happen to fall in love with her. Brett claims she loves Jake; however, she continues to have multiple affairs with other men and asks Jake to introduce her to Romero. Her relationship with Jake is complicated. She loves him but will not be with him because of his wound. She openly admits to Jake that she would cheat on him if they were together. She admits, “I’d just tromper you with everybody. You couldn’t stand it” (Hemingway 62). Her response to his proposition of just being together, in love, is selfish. In some aspect she does love him; but, not as greatly as Jake loves her. He is willing to be with her despite his wound while she will not be with him because of it. Brett fails to realize the happiness she could have with the man who loves her and whom she supposedly loves.

The characters repeatedly profess their love for one another throughout the novel. They are prevented from being together however, their love not being enough. Jake loves Brett but cannot be with her because of his wound and her failure to realize she could be happy with him. Although he cannot physically satisfy her needs, he believes they could be happy together, in love.

Jake repeatedly admits his love for her, saying, “You know I love you” (Hemingway 62). This however, is not enough for Brett. She continues to pursue meaningless relationships, leaving a trail of broken hearts. By the end of the novel she questions her relationship with Jake, realizing they could have been happy together, “we could have had such a damned good time together,” but it is too late (Hemingway 251). The relationship between Jake and Brett is unresolved. The characters are condemned to never having their love recognized because of a wound and ignorance.

If Hemingway were still alive today, he could be pictured stroking his beard while pondering his next successful novel.

If you’re a bearded brother, visit New York Beard & Co.’s website at, There you will find balms to enhance or tame your facial hair while nourishing your skin. We also have links to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Visit our social media pages for fun tips, photos, and videos!

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Photo Courtesy of New York Beard & Co.


June Bearded Brother Tribute

This June we will acknowledge the life of Chris Cornell. The singer is most famously known for his bands Soundgarden and Audioslave ( He had an amazingly unique and recognizable voice. The music world, especially grunge and 90’s rock fans, mourn his loss. Along with his distinctive voice, he also had a noticeable beard.

Photo Courtesy Creative Commons

Cornell occasionally rocked facial hair as much as he rocked the stage. With hits such as “Black Hole Sun” or “The Day I Tried to Live,” Cornell will be forever immortalized through his music.

Here is “Burden in my Hand” courtesy of Youtube and SoundgardenVevo.


Cornell was an amazing artist and influenced the rock community immensely. His voice and lyrical abilities will always be remembered. Rest in Peace Cornell. Forever a Musician. Forever a Bearded Brother.

If you’re a bearded brother, visit New York Beard & Co.’s website at, There you will find balms to enhance or tame your facial hair while nourishing your skin. They also have links to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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Photo Courtesy New York Beard & Co.

What Should be Addressed

Some issues I would like to discuss are blogging and editing.

I would like to have a discussion upon how to use a blog productively to promote yourself in order to find potential jobs. How can a blog positively impact my “resume” toward my career.

What options are there for bloggers to become professionals? Can you be paid for blogging? Could blogging potentially be your main source of income?

I want to become an editor for a book publication. I mostly want to work with fiction authors. How should I go about being hired for this type of position? What experience will look more appealing to those who are looking to hire editors?

What is the job market like? What is the likely-hood that I will actually be able to get a job as an editor after graduation? Which places (besides New York and California) are best for editorial positions?

These topics, I feel, will better clarify my potential career and income options.

Promoting My Blog through Social Media

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Other opportunities to promote this content on social media include Instagram and Snapchat. During concerts, you can record video and add it to your story for your friends and family to see. Then if they are interested they too can choose to attend the concert. Regarding Instagram, it is predominantly about visuals such as photos and video. By providing photos and video to the site, you are able to promote the concert as well as your blog article through a link.


People Learn about History from Sean Spicer

Recently, at a press conference, Press Secretary Sean Spicer made some remarks about the Holocaust that angered many people.

The New York Times explains,

“The White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, set off an intense backlash on Tuesday when he suggested that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria was guilty of acts worse than Hitler and asserted that Hitler had not used chemical weapons, ignoring the use of gas chambers at concentration camps during the Holocaust. Mr. Spicer later apologized.”

Since then, a hashtag has emerged on twitter called, #SpicerHistory, which makes fun of his blunder through multiple versions.

Katie Elizabeth tweeted,

Brian Klass wrote,

On Facebook, Nancy Osbourne shared a meme that involves Betsy Devos, Education secretary.

The themes surrounding Spicer’s blunder include anger, humor, and accusations of racism and ignorance. In order to verify if they are relevant sources you must research them through their pages. Katie Elizabeth has limited information about herself. Brian Klass is an author who wrote about democracy and Nancy Osbourne is a school teacher. Brian Klass seems to have more authority and relevance than these other sources due to his stature as a published writer.

How New Funding Regulations Affect Planned Parenthood and its People

There is news gathering around whom President Donald Trump will be appointing as Secretary to the Department of Health and Human Services. This is crucial because this person will be in charge of healthcare services and organizations like Planned Parenthood who provide them.

In an article by the Huffington Post, it states that as of April 28,

“President Donald Trump on Friday said he intends to appoint Charmaine Yoest, a prominent anti-abortion advocate, as assistant secretary of public affairs for the Department of Health and Human Services.”

This news of his potential anti-abortion nominee comes after an important bill that was recently passed. On March 30,  Vice President Mike Pence had to break a tie in the Senate regarding a bill regarding funding for organizations such as Planned Parenthood. This bill will allow states to not provide funding to healthcare clinics that provide abortion services. These events could pose unequivocal harm to those seeking affordable medical care. President Trump’s secretary pick as well as the bill can infringe upon a woman’s right to healthcare and her ability to choose what to do with her own body.

Previously, according to an NBC News article,

“The Obama regulation — a Department of Health and Human Services rule — prohibits states from cutting Title X family planning grants to community health centers that serve mainly low-income Americans solely because they offer abortion services.”

Now that the bill has been passed and the former President Barack Obama regulation is no longer in effect, people may find it difficult to obtain healthcare services. The article continued, saying that Planned Parenthood believed the bill would allow states to discriminate against organizations, such as themselves, that provide healthcare along with abortion services (NBC News).

Samantha Wesner, Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Gable Health Center at Albright, explains her view upon the topic of Planned Parenthood in an interview.

“I think Planned Parenthood provides a service to women who need access,” said Wesner. Wesner believes women’s health is important and that they should be able to know what is going on with their bodies. Though she does not refer her college patients to outside services, she does recognize that Planned Parenthood provides care for women who need it.

While Wesner does support Planned Parenthood, she says that she does not support federal funding to pay for abortion services.

When Trump took office he reinstated the Global Gag Rule. The Global Gag Rule prohibits funding to the International Planned Parenthood Federation which affects many men and women (Washington Times).

In 1973, the US Supreme Court decided in the court case Roe v. Wade that women had control over their own bodies. It said that women have the right to choose how to make their own medical decisions, even those that include abortion. Now that people are seeking new ways to defund Planned Parenthood and other family healthcare providers, people will have less accessibility to affordable treatment.

Image result for Women's March
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons
Sutcliffe Photo
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Sutcliffe

Elizabeth Sutcliffe, a future 2018 Albright graduate majoring in international relations and public health, believes Planned Parenthood is important because, “It is a primary source of healthcare for most men, women, and children who live in low-income areas and are potentially subject to poverty.” She is currently the treasurer of the NOW organization on Albright’s campus which is focused on educating people about women’s and human rights. Sutcliffe says that they host events that, “increase awareness of oppression and self-acceptance, and fighting for the political, economic, and social equity between women and men!”

Before the new bill was passed by the Senate, governmental funding was allocated to Planned Parenthood; however, taxpayer dollars were not used toward abortion services.

According to the Department of Health and Human Service’s website,

“Family planning services funded through the Title X program include: clinical family planning and related preventive health services; information, education, and counseling related to family planning; and referral services as indicated. By law, Title X funds cannot be used to provide or encourage abortion.”

Abortion is a controversial topic and the reason why many oppose Planned Parenthood; however, that only accounts for three percent of their services. Regardless, states should not be able to discriminate against family planning healthcare providers because they offer such services.


GaryGary Priore,  a Junior Scientist at Chembio Diagnostic Systems Inc., believes women’s health and Planned Parenthood is important. He had attended the Women’s March on Washington after Inauguration Day this year.

Priore thinks the Women’s March, “Showed the voices of the people who need to be heard. By marching it shows that people are serious about the things going on in this country.”

He believes, “Planned Parenthood is important because . . . it is about planning parenthood. It’s not just that, it’s contraceptives, it’s learning how to plan for having a child and having a family.”

Regarding the gag order, he believes that women should be able to have autonomy over their own bodies which is stated in Roe v. Wade. Priore said, “It’s somebody elses body, you should be able to choose what you want to do with your body, not have somebody tell you you’re limited by this or that.”

Planned Parenthood’s website says that it provides health care to five million women and men each year. Their health care includes sexual and reproductive, as well as education and information. These services are necessary for women’s’ and men’s health. Planned Parenthood’s mission is prevention and health services. states,

“The other 97 percent of services were for contraception, treatment and tests for sexually transmitted diseases, cancer screenings, and other women’s health services.”


Without Planned Parenthood, Sutcliffe feels that, “hundreds, even millions of individuals will go on without affordable healthcare services or a trusted doctor to get the proper care. Those who are of low-income may also feel like they have no choice in alternative options towards medical care due to lack of financial stability.”

Wesner believes that womens health is important, saying, “It’s important to start out young,” and, “to teach women how to take care of themselves and really know what’s going on with their bodies.”

Marketing and Social Media: How to promote yourself

Social media marketing is influencing the way companies interact with the public. Through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogging, and more, companies are able to connect with the people who buy their product. Social media marketing allows companies to promote products, as well as themselves, in a positive light that reaches people through multiple platforms.


In an article from by Jayson DeMers, he explains,

According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites.”

DeMers then proceeds to list the top 10 benefits of social media marketing which include: increased brand recognition, brand loyalty, customer insights, decreased marketing costs, and more.

Susan Gunelius gives advice to people about the ten laws of social media marketing in an article at She writes,

“Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way.”

Gunelius advises that people listen, focus, be patient, connect, and be accessible.


Alex Cerone, a Social Media Coordinator at Laundry Service, thinks social media helps companies create a brand and point of contact by engaging people in fun ways.

Cerone thinks, “Social media marketing is important because you can reach such a specific targeted audience, especially with paid media.”

Regarding Facebook and Instagram, Cerone said that people are able to target ads to people in a specific way to reach people. In order to grow your social media presence on different platforms, Cerone offered some advice.

For new startups, she advises for them to post photos vertically on Facebook and Instagram while posting photos horizontally on twitter citing that it performed better that way on those channels. When using Facebook or Instagram, vertical photos take up more space on the platform while scrolling and is received better. Conversely, it was observed that horizontal photos work better for marketing on Twitter due to the structure of the platform. She also said videos are favored and new companies should engage different accounts as well.

She believes social media allows companies to grow their brand in an organic way, saying,  “You’re basically creating what your brand is on these social channels.  You can interact with fans in a different way. Its a good way to engage with fan and gain more followers.”

This article by the Content Factory writes,

” . . . social media marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.”

This means that social media is able to help companies build their fan-base more efficiently than regular marketing. Social media marketing allows companies to use a variety of platforms to reach new customers. The article by Content Factory also states that  70 percent of businesses have been able to gain customers through Facebook. When companies are able to adapt and use multiple platforms to promote their product, they are able to reach a variety of people that are interested in their brand.

The Social Media Examiner offers people advice on how to become successful at social media marketing. Social media can be used for self promotion or corporate use. They advise the use of links, videos, finding out what posts are successful and why and then utilizing that information. They also advise the use of LinkedIn and being consistent with content while managing your time effectively. There are many ways to utilize certain platforms to adhere to the needs of the company; however, it is up to the people to create a community and engage them in a productive way in order to earn their support.

Social media is diverse. There are millions of different people that could see a business’s promotion. Douglas Holt from wrote,

“Social media binds together communities that once were geographically isolated, greatly increasing the pace and intensity of collaboration. Now that these once-remote communities are densely networked, their cultural influence has become direct and substantial.”

By being able to reach so many people, businesses can grow their consumers. It is also helpful for people looking to promote themselves through websites that provide blogging.

In an article from Millennial Ceo it states,

“Because of social media networks, we are now able to interact with thousands of people all over the world – this is why we see people who have thousands of Facebook friends or tens of thousands of Twitter followers.”

Start up businesses, such as New York Beard & Co., use Facebook to promote their new product. They provide photos of their process, product, and a timeline of when their website will go live. Their posts are then shared by friends and family which has the potential to reach many new people and potential customers.

Image may contain: 1 person, sky, outdoor and nature
Photo courtesy of Gary Priore, off Facebook from New York Beard & Co.


Gary Priore, co-owner of New York Beard & Co., uses social media to promote his business. The company sells beard balm for men to help moisturize and style their facial hair. He said, “Social media on all fronts actually . . . it’s better than word of mouth. It helps everybody know what your company is about and what you’re trying to do with it.”

On their website,, they have links to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Already on their Instagram they have reached 528 people.  Their use of social media marketing will help promote their product and business.

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