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Want to go to Warped Tour 2017?

The Vans Warped Tour travels around the country every summer. Rock and alternative music are at the forefront of this tour with big names and new artists attending each year. This year will be no different and there is much anticipation for the 2017 band lineup. Thousands of people attend Warped who enjoy being outside listening to their favorite bands from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. ( The day is long but the music and atmosphere are worth the blood,sweat, and tears.

The gates open. The music starts. The feedback from the speakers fill your ears. It is time for Warped to begin. People rush to the stages while newcomers try to find their way. To your right, a mosh pit forms and a singer screams into a microphone. This is how the day at Warped Tour begins.


There are many things to do for those 10 hours while at Warped. You can check out the tents for non-profit organizations, bands, or even meet one of your favorite members from a band you like. Last year at Warped 2016 I was lucky enough to meet the violinist, Sean Mackin, from Yellowcard. Warped tour is an opportunity to enjoy amazing bands and find new music. People come together from all over to experience this environment filled with energy and acceptance.

Warped Tour is something that everyone should experience at least once. It is amazing and eventful. The performers do things you would not imagine. They are all talented and dedicated to their fans. The music is phenomenal and the memories will last a life time.

The singer from Emarosa decided to hang upside down from the steel beams while singing.

The bands at Warped definitely engage the crowd. Some singers, such as Cody Carson from Set It Off, like to crowd surf.

Warped Tour 2017 will undoubtedly be as eventful as previous years. To find tour dates and how to be Warped ready, visit their website at  Every year that I have attended the tour I have been impressed with the lineup and talent. The bands, food, and people make the experience unforgettable. I look forward to walking around stage to stage, listening to the music and crowds sing along to their favorite songs.

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Video Marketing Analytics

Video marketing is a growing industry. Today, many people are using videos to promote their product or service. Videos are able to interact with customers through demonstrations, instruction videos, and more. The use of sound and image engages audiences across multiple platforms. Mondovo writes, “A video can deliver information in a more immediate, engaging way, and if it keeps people on your website for longer and reduces bounce rates, that’s only going to benefit your SEO.” If you want to grow your presence on social media, videos are the way to accomplish this.

First, you must create a video that is entertaining and relevant. According to MarTech Advisor, there are multiple ways to utilize video marketing to your advantage. One way is to be consistent with promoting your brand on these videos. Your image is essential to having your company recognized. Each video you create should allow customers to recognize your business quickly and easily. If you want to reach a large audience, millennials are the people to target. Millennials respond to videos on a consistent basis and will help your brand become more familiar. People appreciate when a company takes the time to explain how their product or service works. An instructional video demonstrating your service is a great way to begin video marketing. Want to really engage your audience and potential customers? Create an interactive video. Your consumer base will be able to connect with you and your business. Interactive videos, such as live-streaming, can help increase your brand awareness by adding a personal component. It allows people relate to your brand, making them a potential loyal customer. Lastly, having current customers give testimonials is a great way to generate new business. Testimonials are able to positively reinforce the idea that your product or service is great and must be had. These videos are also able to give a personal, human effect which can then influence new customers and grow your audience. Being able to make your marketing personal is a great way to get people interested in your product.

Once you have created your video and determined your target market it is time to publish your content. According to Autopilot, you should make your video easily shareable, show ad-free videos, and strategically choose where you are posting this content. It is also important to analyze the feedback about the video through email, comments, and engagements. Make sure you look at what people are saying about your video and where most of your views are located. This is just some of the ways to determine if your video is influential and how to improve your ad.

How can you determine if your video marketing is actually working? Mondovo states that the amount of views your video receives, drop-off rates, and interactions are all important in improving your video marketing. Along with the traffic source and demographics, these aspects can help you decide if your video is engaging the right people. The purpose of creating a marketing video is to get people to view your material. Views and exposure are the ultimate goals of video marketing. If your video is not getting many views, there may be something you can improve upon. By looking at the results of your video marketing analytics, it can help you determine what is the cause of your low response rate. Drop-off rates refers to when viewers decide to not watch the entire marketing video. This means that they may leave halfway through the advertisement. You can see this data through the analytics program and try to improve your campaign by either shortening the length or changing the ad at certain intervals. How people interact with your video can determine if it is a successful marketing campaign. The number of likes and shares can help promote your business while also allowing you to discover which marketing tools work best. The more people interact with your video, the more data you can receive. This is beneficial because you can then cater to certain audiences more easily through demographics. Some marketing videos may work better for different ages or gender. Looking at the demographics through marketing analytics will allow you to create material for specific audiences. These specific audiences will be more inclined to watch your marketing video when the content produced has relevant information that interests them. The way people are exposed to the relevant information of your marketing video is an important aspect. The traffic source can be found by analyzing the data of how people arrived at your advertisement. Some avenues may work more well than others. Social media, sharing, and search results can all lead to your brand. This data can help determine how to improve traffic to your site through multiple sources and platforms. The more open roads to your video, the more your brand is exposed to various audiences.

Video marketing analytics can help you grow your audience. 50 Wheel suggests, “Use playback analytics to determine what your viewers are looking for, and make sure it’s incorporated into your video production pipeline and content marketing strategy.” Pandering to your audience can help grow your customer base and reach potential customers. Interesting videos keep buyers entertained and associate this with your business. If your audience watches your marketing video until the end, they may be more inclined to interact with you and your company. Keywords are essential to use when promoting your video. 50 Wheel states, “If, in your analysis, you find the same search term is used repeatedly to find your video, or even just that search engines consist of a major portion of traffic, that generally means you should look into SEO that boosts your video for that term or creating other types of content that cover the same keywords.” SEO is used on multiple platforms whether it be social media, blogs, or websites. Utilizing SEO is a great way to generate more traffic to your marketing video.

Taking advantage of video marketing analytics can help your business grow. The data you use to improve your video can lead to more exposure for your business. Exposure is key to influencing audiences and potential customers. Videos are able to do this by interacting with the public. After you have successfully created your marketing video, make sure to review the data to improve upon future content. A successful online marketing plan can lead to a more successful business!


PPC for Pharmaceutical Companies

Are you a pharmaceutical company looking for pay-per-click advertising? Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to promote your business. WebpageFX defines PPC as, “These ads are placed based on the keywords a user searches. As an advertiser, you can choose which searches you want your ads to show up for, then bid for placement on the results page with the search engine’s advertising platform.” Pay-per-click advertising allows business to only pay for their ad when users interact with the content. These advertisements are usually at the top of search engines, allowing potential customers to view these companies first. By being at the top of search engines, your business becomes more visible to the public.

Due to the exceeding amount of different types and brands of drugs on the market, it is becoming exponentially harder for pharmaceutical companies to market their brand and be unique. Zero Company writes, “In the pharmaceutical industry, the competition can often be so immense that you cannot overlook any avenue of advertising.” Pay-per-click advertising can help these pharmaceutical companies get ahead in the market.

In order to utilize PPC, you must select keywords. SEO and keywords can help people find your company faster when they search for a certain product. These words you want associated with your pharmaceutical drugs when potential customers are looking for health information. Zero Company writes, “PPC ads can instantly increase the reach and exposure of your pharmaceutical products. And, of course, this leads to an increase in both site traffic and sales. PPC advertisements also help you target very specific groups of people within specific locations who are actively searching for solutions to their health needs.”  Using SEO for your website in congruence with your target market ads can help develop a larger audience. Once you have determined which keywords you want associated with your product, it is time to bid. WebpageFX writes, “Your bid amount is how much you’re willing to pay whenever someone clicks on your advertisement for a given keyword.” These amounts can vary with increasing competition. It is important to be accurate when selecting which words to use with your product. There are short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords consist of one to three words. These types of keywords are usually more broad and common resulting in higher bids. Conversely, long-tail keywords are longer in length more specific. The more specific your keywords, the less competition for the bids. This is beneficial for two reasons. The lower cost of price will help the company and customers who are specifically searching for your product can find it easier and faster.

Some advice Zero Company provides for pharmaceutical companies is to hire a PPC specialist and have mobile compatibility. Your advertisements should be simple and relevant to your product. Pharmaceutical companies can benefit by bringing awareness to their brand. Their brand should be consistent and noticeable. Zero Company writes, “To keep that relevancy, it’s important that your campaign themes are tightly constructed. This allows you more opportunity to micromanage your ad copy and produce relevant, compelling campaigns.” Companies can also target their ads for specific locations. Companies should determine who their target market is and how they would like to reach them. Pharmaceutical companies should also take advantage of the data from the search engine analytics that is provided. There, they can adapt their advertisement as needed to reach a larger audience.

When considering PPC for your business it is important to note its advantages. PPC for pharmaceutical companies is beneficial for a variety of reasons. WebpageFX writes, “The most important thing to remember about PPC advertising is that you only pay your bid when a user clicks your ad and visits your website. This means you only pay when a user actively shows interest in your ad – and never just for ad space.” PPC is cost effective. Pharmaceutical companies only have to pay for their ads when people are engaged and interacting with the material. These ads are targeted to the people who are searching for your product. The keywords have bought have lead them to your company due to the relevant search terms implemented by the client. These people are looking for a type of product that you may provide. PPC is independent and requires little maintenance. This marketing strategy helps bring potential customers to your company rather than having your company try to engage them. When potential customers are searching for their healthcare needs, and enter the specific keywords associated with your company, your business will be at the top of the list. The search engine provides the customer with the paid advertising first in the results page. This way your company is able to get exposure while only having to pay when the customer decides to visit your website. If you want to know how well your PPC campaign is fairing, the data is readily available. Companies will be able to analyze and adjust their advertisement to fit customers’ preferences. There companies can determine whether this mode of advertising is successful for them and their product.

If you are pharmaceutical company and looking for advertising, pay-per-click might be a lucrative option. Pay-per-click is able to promote your business while being cost effective. Companies who need to stick to a budget can take advantage of this mode of advertising due to its structure. Pharmaceutical companies are only required to pay for their advertising when a potential customer interacts with their content or website. Visibility is also another advantage of this type of advertising since paid for ads are displayed at the top of the results page. This means that your company or drug is one of the first options that people see. PPC has many benefits for pharmaceutical companies. These companies should utilize this type of advertising that allows them to engage their consumer base while increasing their reach to potential customers. PPC is easy, budget-friendly, and effective. Pharmaceutical companies who decide to use this marketing strategy can expect to find positive results for their business.

What is Marketing Segmentation?

A.pngMarketing directly to your target audience can be difficult. How do you know what to market to these potential customers? You want to be able to engage everyone, but everyone is different. People have diverse interests and not everyone will be enticed by the same marketing campaign. It is useful to know which people will be more open to certain campaigns and services. This is where market segmentation, or customer segmentation, comes in. Feedough states, “Market Segmentation is a process of dividing the market of potential customers into different groups and segments on the basis of certain characteristics. The member of these groups share similar characteristics and usually have one or more than one aspect common among them.” When people have similar interests it is easier to market to a particular niche group. Once you have divided your target audience into similar groups, it is time to create advertisements that will attract potential customers.

Market segmentation allows you to create custom ads that cater to your consumer base with the potential to engage new customers. The Bridge writes, “Additionally, by reaching niche groups of people, marketers can craft messages specifically for them. This communication will enable marketers to connect with the target audience, develop relationships, and communicate messages that resonate.” Market segmentation is a great tactic to use to benefit your company and marketing campaign. Segmenting your target audience can be done in a multitude of ways. According to Business Dictionary, the most common are behavioral, demographic, geographic, and psychographic.

Behavioral segmentation sorts people into new and potential customers. Feedough writes, “The segments are usually divided based on their knowledge of the product and usage of the product. It is believed that the knowledge of the product and its use affects the buying decision of an individual.” This segmentation indicates if your marketing campaign will work upon a particular group of current customers and if they will continue to be brand loyal. If the person has not yet tried your product, it is important to find an advertisement that will entice them to try it. According to the Bridge, “When segmenting based on awareness, companies may opt to send their loyal customers one ad campaign, whereas target an additional campaign to prospective customers who have yet to build a relationship with the brand.” The use of this type of segmentation can be helpful when targeting current and potential customers.

People can be divided into many different categories based on gender, age, income, and race. These are all types of demographic variables. Demographic segmentation divides people into these kinds of niche groups. The Bridge writes that, “Combining various customer segmentation criteria has the potential to reach a very targeted niche market and drive sales while maximizing the value of every marketing dollar spent.” When you decide to target people based upon a specific demographic it becomes easier to craft an advertisement suited to their interests. When people can relate to a campaign they can become more inclined to participate.

Geographic segmentation is based on location. Each category can be expanded to an entire region or limited to a small town. Depending upon the location of your target market, your segmentation can vary. Using geographic segmentation allows you to target people in a specific area that is relevant to your business. This is extremely helpful for small businesses who are catering to local clientele. If you are looking to grow your business outward, it is important to research the surrounding areas and determine if they will be responsive to your company.

Psychographic segmentation divides people in regards to their values or principles. These people can be categorized by their personalities such as if they are more inclined to think about their budget. Feedough writes, “This segmentation process works on a premise that consumer buying behaviour can be influenced by his personality and lifestyle.” The psychology of a person directly influences their choice of what to buy and from who. Their preference and principles are important aspects to consider when drafting a marketing campaign.

These four major types of segmentations are crucial when considering how to create your advertisement strategy. Chron writes, “Choosing precise segments lets you tailor your advertising with equal precision.” When you decide which target markets you want to engage, it is important to devise a plan of action for each type of niche group. Whether you are marketing by location, behavior, demographic, or personality, you must produce campaigns that cater to these types of people. Follow these marketing parameters and you will be able to positively grow your audience and business.

How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

Does the design of your website really matter? It may surprise you that the look of your website is integral to the success of your business and its marketing plan. Without a carefully constructed website, you may lose potential customers.


The Broodle states, “A poorly designed website has the power to hinder the business progress and make the user switch the tab leading towards the competitor.” If your website is not attractive or user-friendly, you may lose business. Every business should create a website that is appealing and navigable.


Once your website is ready, it is time to market. Content marketing is one way to suggest to your audience that they need your project without being completely overt. Business2Community writes, “Content marketing involves the creation of valuable material that does not explicitly promote a brand, but encourages interest by providing relevant information associated with it.” This way you are able to advertise your brand while being subtle.


You may also be able to give your audience important information about how to use similar products or why your service is important. Content marketing allows you to reach your audience in a non-aggressive way in order to generate sales.



There are four ways how your web design could impact your content marketing and ultimately your sales. These ways include accessibility, appearance, readability, and comprehension.
Accessibility refers to the customer’s ability to navigate your website in an effortless way. Your website should be easy to read and not cluttered. To have an accessible website, The Broodle advises that you, “Make sure that it constitutes good navigation so that user can easily find the desired information that landed him on the page in the first place.” If your website is easy and maneuverable customers will be more likely to interact with the site. Customers may also then check to see if you have similarly structured social media accounts thus driving more traffic to your business.


The appearance of your website is the first thing people notice. The The Broodle states, “The design of the website brings the quality and trustworthiness of the content depending on how professional it appears. Therefore, keeping design simple, clean and professional are the main components to provide an appealing look.” You want to have your business make a good impression. Make sure your website has a clean look to it while also being able to pique customers’ interest.
Readability is the professional look of your website through a series of fonts and sizes. Your website should be easy to read and without spelling errors. WebpageFX  writes, “Choosing the right fonts and colors is essential for helping your visitors read and comprehend your content. You might publish the most helpful content available on a specific topic, but if your font color is too similar to your background, your visitors may not even bother to read it.” It is important to make sure your website and content is readable. If not, you may lose some potential customers.
Comprehension refers to graphics and photos. These elements make information clear and concise. They are easy to read and relay knowledge quickly. WebpageFX  writes, “Many people are visual learners, and need graphics and photos to fully understand new topics and information. This means it’s essential to include visuals with all of your content.” The more visual content, the less text laden your website will be. Carefully constructed graphics can make your website look interesting and simple.


These four elements can significantly impact your content marketing. The accessibility, appearance, readability, and comprehension can affect the way people perceive your business. In order to create a successful online presence, you must first begin with the design of your website. Once you are satisfied with the results and meet this criterion you may begin marketing to your audience.






Google Search Statistics

graphic social media blogGoogle is used on a daily basis and has become instrumental within our society. Whenever we have a question we can go to Google and find the answer. Google has made information gathering easily obtainable and available to millions.

Google has multiple trending searches which they keep track of through their analytics. According to Google Trends, there are multiple insights that were featured today. These insights include relevant material such as the 18th District Election in Pennsylvania, March Madness, and International Women’s Day. Other featured insights that could affect your environment include topics of gun control, the 2018 Oscars, and immigration. Google Trends also shows that the current stories trending involve a ski-lift malfunction, the NCAA’s Men’s Division Basketball Tournament, and the Adult Swim Festival.


According to Internet Live Stats, “When Google was founded in September 1998, it was serving ten thousand search queries per day.” A few years later, as of 2012, Internet Live Stats states that Google had a 65.2% share of web searches across the world. This means that Google processes approximately 3.3 billion searches a day! Today, there have been 3,502,933,909 searches. Google has grown into a major force in the internet community.


You may be wondering, “But how can this information help my business?”. Since Google has so much traffic and is one of the top search engines, it is important to utilize their data in order to get people to visit your website. This can be done through SEO by using keywords. If you are writing a blog, using social media, or in the developing stages of creating your website, searching for Google’s keywords is a great way to start.


Keywords allows your website, blog, or social media platforms to increase traffic to your sites. This is because when people search the term, your website is linked to that word. You will become more visible to potential customers depending upon the topic. Google support writes, “You can use Keyword Planner to get historical statistics, such as average monthly searches and competition data, for a list of keywords.” As long as the word is related to your industry, it is useful to use this tactic.


Are you interested in using this approach to help your business? Here is how to use some keywords to help make your business more noticeable. First, you must create an AdWords account with Google. This process can be done at the AdWords website. There, you can also find useful information about what AdWords is about and how it works. There are multiple options to fit your company’s needs.


Once you have created your account it is time to start researching keywords. This is done by looking at the data about the current search volume and trends. You can find this information by searching it or using Google’s AdWords. After you have found the keywords you want to use, you can enter the data into Google AdWords which will then be applied to your websites or advertisements. Google offers this service for a variety of platforms. You can use keywords for your search, display, video, and app advertisements. If you do decide to utilize Google AdWords, you can see how your campaign is progressing through their data analytics.


Google search statistics are there for you to help your business. You can stay on top of current trends and keywords, allowing your website, blog, or social media to grow its presence. It is important to get your business noticed. This is one of the ways to help it be recognized. If you get lost, or have any questions, Google support is there to help. There, you can find the instructions listed above. In addition, Google AdWords has great graphics and directions to help get you started!

Equality for All

Feminism is a tricky word
It can empower
Or make others cower
These lines can be blurred

Feminism is about being equal
Fighting for the rights of all
Preventing others from feeling small
Learning from the past to prevent a sequel

Before women had no rights
They were subjected to men’s plight
Anne Boleyn found herself behead
A woman was hit for something she said
We could not vote
We could only dote
On the powerful men
Until we were beaten again

Our duty was to the home and children
Even if our husband was a villain
We must be the angel of the house
And as timid as a mouse
Education, though limited, was sought
Women wanted to learn so they fought

These bold women fought in waves
Disregarding men’s suggestions on how to behave
Susan B. Anthony helped win the vote
Women’s suffrage no longer an anecdote
Virginia Woolf killed the angel of the house
Having the best of both worlds: writing and a spouse
Mary Wollstonecraft, an advocate for women’s rights
Used her talent for language to fight

The waters were still stormy
There was much to be done on this next journey
Maya Angelou rose to the challenge
The Caged Bird could not be managed
Gloria Steinem got women back to work
In a professional setting hiding a smirk
Alice Walker helped overcome racial hurdles
Like in her novel The Color Purple

As things within society progressed
Women realized that they could not rest
Until every individual was allowed to express
Themselves without fear or distress
This third wave embraced diversity
Just like the twinkling lights in a city
Anita Hill would not tolerate
Sexual Harassment to this date
Rebecca Walker expressed her thoughts
Women agreed with her article lots

It’s a 21st Century Breakdown
All these men are coming down
Sexual harassment and violence
Social media breaking the silence
Uncovering Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates
She exposed these people and did not hesitate
Tamika D. Mallory brought in the cavalry
The Women’s March gaining notoriety

These women were brave
Prepared to go to their grave
Beaten, battered, and bruised
All of these powerful women refused
To be subordinate to others due to their sex
When all they wanted was equal rights and respect
Marching down the street
Fighting for the right to be free
As free as any man
Because they believe they can

Now, we seem to have conquered
Our predecessor’s ideas not squandered
We appreciate their sacrifice
Realizing everything comes at a price
Women’s suffrage and Roe vs. Wade
These laws will never abade
As long as newer generations aren’t blind
Continuing to fight and have their own minds

Online Advertising Services 101: What is the best fit for your business?

Are you wondering what online advertising is and how it can help your business? Online advertising is a great way to promote your business through a variety of online platforms while reaching a large audience. There are many options available whether it be social media, blogs, or pay-per-click advertising. Depending upon your business, different modes of advertising may be more beneficial than others. This article will help you decide which type of online advertising is best for your business.

Why online advertising? Online advertising allows you to market your business across the world wide web. It has the potential to drive people to your website while targeting a specific group of people. It has a large reach that engages audiences while also remaining cost effective. To get started, you must decide which type of online advertising works best for you and your business.

There is a variety of choices for online advertising, but the main strategies include a productive website, SEO, pay-per-click, social media advertising, content marketing, and email marketing. Each of these options have different benefits and results therefore it is important to go over the above options individually. According Business Advising, to determine which fit is best, “Start by asking yourself a simple question: What do I want to get out of this advertising campaign?”.

When choosing your online advertising path, May Create gives some good advice. Maye Create writes, “When considering what mediums to use examine the communication tenancies of your target market.  Do they like to email or talk on the phone?  Are they often on Facebook?  Do they hate social media?  This can help you understand which tactics best fit your company.” These questions can help you further understand and adjust your target market while implementing your online advertising strategy. It is important to understand the audience you are trying to reach and how to use each platform in a way that is beneficial for your business.

One way to garner your audience’s attention is to build an attractive and easy-to-use website. Your website is one of the first things potential customers will see when looking for a specific product or service. Websites should be versatile, organized, and appealing. You should also take advantage of linking your social media accounts to your website, thus creating more traffic and giving customers a more personal look into your company. WebpageFX states, “In many cases, your website will be the first impression your business makes on members of your target audience.” In order for your business to have success, you must create a website that your customers will like and trust.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is used by many companies to help advertise their business. SEO allows your business to be more visible when potential customers are searching Google for a type of service or product. It is important to have SEO so that your business is near the top of the results page. According to WebpageFX, “SEO involves incorporating keywords related to your products or services on your site, so that when users search those keywords in search engines like Google, relevant pages appear in results.” Utilizing SEO and creating an attractive website is a great way to start advertising your business online. These two components are able to display your business while being able to obtain a larger audience. When SEO is used correctly it can expand your customer base. Therefore, it is necessary to find the correct keywords to be implemented upon your website. Another option for online advertising is search engine ads. Search engine ads are paid search advertising which allow your business to be on the front of the results page. Thrive Hive writes, “Having a page of your website show up here amplifies your exposure to users who are actively looking for your help and boosts traffic to your site.” This avenue may cost more but it is more time efficient.

Once you have your website and traffic is moving well, it is time to find other ways to drive people to your business. One way is through pay-per-click advertising. WebpageFX writes, “While SEO focuses on earning rankings through content and optimization, PPC essentially lets you pay for placement for your target keywords.” PPC is a way for businesses to engage people and have them visit your website. According to Maye Create, “These ads can be targeted based on location, keyword, device in an effort to engage with your audience. Most search engines, such as Google, will only charge companies if people click on the ad and visit the website.” If you are looking to gain more customers while being cost effective, PPC could be the right fit for your business. It allows your company to be advertised on the front page of search engines and you only pay when people click upon the ad. Depending upon your target market, this may be the best choice for you.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business. It is easy and cost effective. Unless you personally decide to pay for advertising through these social platforms, all this will cost you is time. Social media marketing, which is usually displayed on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, showcases your business and can reach mass audiences. These platforms allow you to personally connect with your customer base and potential buyers. You can create your own content and display it across multiple platforms. Maye Create states, “This tactic not only creates awareness, but it also allows for possible consumers to share their thoughts and feelings about the product/service within their social network.” If you choose to buy advertising, make sure you approve of what they create before it is promoted. In regards to Facebook, Thrive Hive writes, “Facebook advertising helps to increase your authority and name recognition. Also, since the platform collects so much data about its users, Facebook can provide some of the most highly targeted ads available.” As your business and its recognition grows it is important to develop your brand. Make sure your advertisements and social media posts reflect what you are trying to convey to your audiences.

Have you ever received emails from multiple different businesses in your inbox? One of the ways other businesses advertise online is through email marketing. Email marketing is an effective way to engage your customers and target market. It allows you to personally address each person and grab their attention. Maye Create writes, “According to a 2013 study conducted by Marketing Sherpa, 60% of people who send out a marketing email will see a return on investment.” Through the use of newsletters and attractive graphics, your emails can generate more business for your company. Email marketing is personal, simple, and a great way for you to advertise your business.

Online advertising is an advantageous tool to use to promote your business. Your website is one of the most important aspects to developing your brand and getting your name out there. Once your website is completed and user-friendly, it is up to you which avenue you want to take in regards to advertising. Your target market is key to making this decision. After you have determined who you are trying to reach and where, it is up to you to implement these initiatives. SEO and social media are becoming necessary to the development of successful businesses online. Whether you are using Facebook or creating a blog, it is important to remember your audience. Regardless, business owners should take advantage of these online advertising markets and create a new customer base. These platforms are here to help your business grow and thrive. Each individual option has its own benefits; however, all options are available to suit your needs. Once you find the type of advertising that fits your business you are ready to begin. Soon enough you will notice positive results and your business can continue to prosper.


Marching Through the Seasons


Is going to stop us?

Strong women accumulating like snowflakes

Creating a blizzard that

Snowballs into a movement

Winter is here



We scream at the top of our lungs

Can be heard for city blocks

Showing people we are serious

The passion and fury tingling within our bodies

Filling our lungs with air,

To shout, “I am a nasty woman!”


People gather around the world

Showing their support

France, Greece,

Spain, and Italy

Our march will not be cut short

We continue to persist

She persisted



Our voices need to be heard.

Falling deaf upon the ears

Of those who don’t want to hear

The cries of those oppressed

Who have been wronged by the patriarchy

A system made to extinguish our light

That burns bright in the fall nights

Like red leaves on black asphalt



Must we march?

To combat those around us

In order to make our own choices

To feel safe walking down the street

In late summer evenings,

Feeling the breeze upon our soft skin

Without worrying about what we wear

To not be blamed for others actions



Can we relate to everyone,

That the past must not be undone?

The work of the women before us

Allowed us to flourish

Our rights like bees

Pollinating each flower

Enabling us to bloom

Spring is coming soon.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

A woman is smiling because someone told her

that the perfect woman is possible

and each woman is unstoppable

Society may claim the opposite

but all women should be confident

What is beauty?

Is it red heels upon a metal grate

Hot, white steam rising like fate

Kissing her legs and thighs

As she tries to keep her secret a surprise

What is beauty?

White dress flowing around her body

The feel like silk upon her skin, somebody

Watching as hills rise upon her arms

Hair standing while the world sees her charms

What is beauty?

Air surrounds her form

Travelling toward the sky, worn

While blowing her blonde hair into disarray

The strands land where they may

What is beauty?

The focus upon her body

The people watching, feeling naughty

Her face infamous for the mark above her lip

Smiling with her white teeth that nip

Her lower rosy lip while pretending

For the thousands that are spending

To buy her beauty for their pleasure

Her beauty, they can never truly measure

What is beauty?

Is it standing at attention,

posing for the camera trying not to show tension?

Performing for the world, alone

The reality of her happiness unknown

The life of a beautiful, living doll

Her face in a world not so small

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