The Vans Warped Tour travels around the country every summer. Rock and alternative music are at the forefront of this tour with big names and new artists attending each year. This year will be no different and there is much anticipation for the 2017 band lineup. Thousands of people attend Warped who enjoy being outside listening to their favorite bands from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. ( The day is long but the music and atmosphere are worth the blood,sweat, and tears.

The gates open. The music starts. The feedback from the speakers fill your ears. It is time for Warped to begin. People rush to the stages while newcomers try to find their way. To your right, a mosh pit forms and a singer screams into a microphone. This is how the day at Warped Tour begins.


There are many things to do for those 10 hours while at Warped. You can check out the tents for non-profit organizations, bands, or even meet one of your favorite members from a band you like. Last year at Warped 2016 I was lucky enough to meet the violinist, Sean Mackin, from Yellowcard. Warped tour is an opportunity to enjoy amazing bands and find new music. People come together from all over to experience this environment filled with energy and acceptance.

Warped Tour is something that everyone should experience at least once. It is amazing and eventful. The performers do things you would not imagine. They are all talented and dedicated to their fans. The music is phenomenal and the memories will last a life time.

The singer from Emarosa decided to hang upside down from the steel beams while singing.

The bands at Warped definitely engage the crowd. Some singers, such as Cody Carson from Set It Off, like to crowd surf.

Warped Tour 2017 will undoubtedly be as eventful as previous years. To find tour dates and how to be Warped ready, visit their website at  Every year that I have attended the tour I have been impressed with the lineup and talent. The bands, food, and people make the experience unforgettable. I look forward to walking around stage to stage, listening to the music and crowds sing along to their favorite songs.