Facebook post for “Bring Me the Horizon Brings Down the House” 

Looking for some new music to listen to or a concert to go to? I highly recommend the American Nightmare Tour featuring Bring Me the Horizon. To learn more about the concert or see videos, read my blog!

Facebook post for “An Adventure Taking Pictures at Split Rock”

Looking for a summer adventure? Take a trip to Split Rock! There are trails and a lookout to explore. It is mostly secluded and hidden, perfect for relaxation or an intimate date. Visit my blog to see photos of Split Rock and find out more information.

Tweet for “Bring Me the Horizon Brings Down the House” 

The American Nightmare Tour is definitely the one to attend. Go to my blog to see videos of the concert and info about the tour! #Rock#BMTH

Tweet for “An Adventure Taking Pictures at Split Rock”

Who wants to go hiking this weekend? Head to Split Rock! On my blog see photos and more info if you’re interested. Have fun and #hydrate!


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