Recently, at a press conference, Press Secretary Sean Spicer made some remarks about the Holocaust that angered many people.

The New York Times explains,

“The White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, set off an intense backlash on Tuesday when he suggested that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria was guilty of acts worse than Hitler and asserted that Hitler had not used chemical weapons, ignoring the use of gas chambers at concentration camps during the Holocaust. Mr. Spicer later apologized.”

Since then, a hashtag has emerged on twitter called, #SpicerHistory, which makes fun of his blunder through multiple versions.

Katie Elizabeth tweeted,

Brian Klass wrote,

On Facebook, Nancy Osbourne shared a meme that involves Betsy Devos, Education secretary.

The themes surrounding Spicer’s blunder include anger, humor, and accusations of racism and ignorance. In order to verify if they are relevant sources you must research them through their pages. Katie Elizabeth has limited information about herself. Brian Klass is an author who wrote about democracy and Nancy Osbourne is a school teacher. Brian Klass seems to have more authority and relevance than these other sources due to his stature as a published writer.