When pondering your future, you may want to know how to become what you aspire to be. For me, I want to become an editor. This will require hard work and experience as well as insight into what the responsibilities as an editor may entail. Editors have a multitude of responsibilities. Depending upon which field you enter, you may have multiple assignments. Regardless, it is the editor’s job to help those looking to improve their narrative in whatever medium.


To gain insight into what it means to be an editor, I interviewed Jennifer Stoudt. She is the Director of Publications for Albright College and the editor of the Albright Reporter.She had graduated from the University of Delaware in 1995 with a communications degree. Stoudt has 19 years of experience. Her career began with her first experience as an editor with a non-profit organization. With little support, she took on both the roles of writer and editor. Stoudt believes, “I think that to be a good editor you have to have that writing experience behind you.” Her experience as a writer was able to eventually help her begin her career as an editor. Though, when she started, she did not intend to become an editor, she is happy that writing lead her to this career.

The Albright Reporter is Albright College’s magazine which is published quarterly, said Stoudt. During the interview, Stoudt explained that the magazine is read by alumni, board of trustee members, parents, faculty, staff and students. The Albright Reporter tries to focus on all of these people who read the magazine and provide messages that will interest them, said Stoudt. As the editor of the Albright Reporter, she tries to engage their readers. One of her roles is to set the agenda for each issue. She is also integral to many parts of the process. An editor has many tasks that are essential to creating an influential product whether that be a book, magazine, or newspaper. I asked her in an interview about her daily roles as an editor at Albright and how she became an editor.


Her advice to those who aspire to be editors: Become a writer first. Stoudt said,“Writing is kind of where it all starts.” When you are a writer, you are able to understand other people’s perspectives and their aversion to criticism. An editor will subject many people to their suggestions, some whom may not be so open to their help. If you are a writer first, you are able to relate better to these aspiring authors and help them with their narrative. The job of the editor is to, “Help writers become the best writers they can be,” said Stoudt.