Why do some photographs appeal to people more than others? What makes certain photographs garner the full attention of those who look upon it? Is it relatable? Does it affect you emotionally? What makes a photograph successful?

A successful photograph will grab your attention. It will be clear and exemplify something. A photograph is a memory that is immortalized through film. The experience is recorded for all to see and appreciate. People and events are the subjects of photography and the photograph is their story.

This photo was taken on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland. The dark clouds contrast with the lights from the stop light and the carousel. The atmosphere is peaceful yet somber with dusk’s arrival. The background is full of color which is different in relation to the dull, wooden boardwalk. The main focus seems to be the foreground with the boardwalk and stoplight which provides an interesting perspective.


This photo was taken on a lake while paddle boating. The photo is centered upon the scenery, with the lily pads being the main focus. The photo is bright and filled with greenery. The colors are bright and provide a positive feeling. The trees in the background add depth to the photo. A lake of lily pads makes for an aesthetic filled picture.


I possess amateur skills and experience with photography. Most of my photos comprise music festivals and concerts. Other photos include my friends, family, and boyfriend. I personally, have never been fond of pictures – especially those taken of myself. I hope to be able to capture the essence of an event. I want to be able to convey the atmosphere through the photographs I take. I want to be able to set the mood while taking precise photos.