There are potentially two sources that I would like to interview. They are two English professors. I am considering Professor Wolbers or Professor Morris. I would like to interview Professor Wolbers because she is knowledgable and has had many experiences with editing and English. I would like to interview her about how to become a successful editor or do freelance editing. She is also involved with a storytelling club on campus where they have held experience events to showcase their work. I believe this would add a personal and interesting element to the blog. Regarding Professor Morris, he is an interesting, experienced, and unconventional teacher. I have had previously taken one of his classes and they were always informational, intellectual, and funny. He has told us many stories about his family and travels to multiple countries. He has many anecdotes and is very influenced by british texts. While interviewing Morris, I believe I would interview him upon the subject of what it is like to be an English Professor and what advice he would give to those who are considering the profession.